Commercial Solar

Modern Solar Commercial SolarOverview on commercial solar
Commercial solar is the process of installing solar panels also known as solar modules on your commercial property. There are several methods of commercial solar installations, to learn more about commercial solar installations. The purpose is to offset your electric bill by producing your own clean power on site. This saves you a great deal of money because producing your own power onsite is far less expensive then purchasing it from the utility.

How does commercial solar work?
Solar modules covert the suns rays into electricity. To learn more about how solar modules work. You use the power that’s generated to operate everything in the building that requires electricity. The power that’s produced above and beyond what you use is sent to the utility company. The utility pays you back in the form of credits, the rate they credit you is equivalent to the rate they charge you. This is what makes commercial solar so attractive, it’s also known as NEM or net energy metering

How much will commercial solar save me?
Potentially a lot depending on several factors like financing method, current utility prices, available rebates, amount of tax liability and of course who you choose to work with. The cost of solar energy produced onsite is far less then the cost from your utility company. With up to 55% of the cost of commercial solar incentivized you can expect savings.

Why go solar?
Because commercial solar is a safe investment with sure financial gains. It can raise the value of your property, lower or eliminate your monthly utility payments, and provides you with tax credits that keeps money in your pocket.

Who will I be working with?
The Modern Solar team will handle your commercial solar project from beginning to end. Everyone on our team operates from a position of integrity, you can count on it that you’ll be working with the best.