Commercial Financing

We understand the complexity of commercial electric rates and the strategies used by the utilities to maximize their profits from commercial building owners using electricity. Our solutions are solar pv, energy management software/hardware, advanced energy storage, and/or generators for peak demand shaving are the solutions.

What are my financing options? Capital vs Operating leases: 
Capital leases also known as $1 buyouts resemble a conventional loan with tax benefits. The main takeaway for this form of financing relating to solar is that the 30% tax credit is kept by the business. Typically the monthly payments are higher then an operating lease. Part of payments are also tax deductible. Please discuss with your tax professional for more details on the option that is best for you.

Operating leases have a fmv (fair market value) buyout at the end of the term, typically 20% and have a lower monthly payment compared to a capital lease. The main takeaway here is that the 30% tax credit goes to the finance company which in turn gives you a negative interest rate, which is why the payments are so much lower then a capital lease. Monthly payments are fully deductible. Please discuss with your tax professional for more details on the option best for you.

What are all the Incentives?
30% of the total system cost is your tax credit. Additionally you can utilize MACRS depreciation to gain up to 28% in tax credits. Nearly 60% of the project cost can be used as tax credits. Most utilities are no longer providing state funded cash rebates but some are and they are based on paying out based on your energy production.

What are the financing requirements?
All our financing options have different qualifications. Typically a minimum of 2 years in business and strong financials with supporting documentation is required to qualify. There really is no maximum funding amount and terms and rates are competitive but based on your financial history and credibility.