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When choosing a Solar Company, why choose Modern Solar? Here are a few great reasons:
1.) We’re a family business that believes in quality, integrity, and customer service. A majority of our business comes through referrals from happy homeowners.
2.) We have over 40 years of experience in electrical and building and carry a C-10 and B general contractors license.
3.) Our team of energy advisers, designers, and installers are experts in the field proven by our 100% customer satisfaction rating.
4.) We promote only high quality products and have all American made product options. We always think about the future and the safety of your family and dwelling.
5.) We are construction and electrical experts that know the building codes. Building inspectors always praise our workmanship, 100% of our installations pass building and safety inspections the first time.
6.) The right person is a phone call away, you will never have to deal with 3rd parties or wait a week to get the information you want.

Choosing a Solar Company: family owned vs big corporations
1.) With big corporations you can expect wait times as long as 8 months before your installation is complete. With us you’re looking at an average time frame of 1 month from start to completed installation.
2.) When working with a family owned company like ours support is a phone call away, whereas with big corporations you could be spending days getting to the right person.
3.) Big corporations tend to generalize the products and financing and force them on homeowners. With us the products and the financing are tailored to your specific needs.
4.) When working with Modern Solar your interest is our priority we personally guarantee your satisfaction, something almost impossible in a big corporations multi layer management system.