Benefits of Solar Power

As utility rates and air pollution continues to increase, the benefits of solar power also increase. There are both economic and environmental benefits of going solar, below is a list of just some of them.

Economic Benefits

  1. Utility rates increase an average of 4% each year, while the cost of solar power is fixed. By going solar, you are hedging against utility rate increases.
  2. By going solar, you can qualify for a 30% tax credit. Additionally, some cities and utility companies offer incentives for people who switch to solar power.
  3. Solar systems increase your home’s property value.
  4. Reduce or eliminate your electric bill: If you pay for your solar system upfront, you are eliminating your electric bill. If you are financing your solar system, your monthly bill will be to pay off your system – which is less than your electric bill.

Environmental Benefits

  1. Solar power systems derive energy from the sun – which is renewable.
  2. By going solar, you will be reducing your carbon footprint and helping combat greenhouse gas emissions.
  3. Fossil fuels have been the primary source for electricity in the past. As more homeowners choose to go solar and use the sun’s renewable energy instead, they are helping the country get closer to achieving national energy independence.
  4. As electricity is distributed through power lines, energy is lost in the process. Because solar power is generated on-site, energy loss is significantly reduced.